Event Management

A- Onsite Event management and teambuilding solutions:
Innovative Teambuilding Solutions

In Agonist Consult we are committed to reenergize your teams & let them have fun with innovative teambuilding activities aligned with your business needs & business objects. Our Activities are exceptional & derived from many cultures throughout our journey all over the world. Our solutions includes Cycle meetings, retreats & kickoff events arrangement from A-Z solutions

B- Virtual events management and teambuilding solutions:

Agonist consult team acquired talented team members all their passion is to provide latest innovative technological solutions for our customers from to let them pivot their business and reach their targeted needs from the event like providing:

  • Distant Moderation & Technical Support for virtual events
  • Creating & Facilitating Full online Events / Conferences
  • Creating & Facilitating Hybrid Events / Conferences
  • Provide Engaging Tools & Online Platforms to make more interactive events/conferences