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Account planning & Management Curriculum Outline
In the corporates market, 80% of revenue comes from 20% of company’s customers or accounts. So the company should allocate its resources according this percentage. With the very challenging & competitive market today, companies started to hire key account managers (KAM) to accelerate growth in sales and win in market place. Therefore there are specific skills & needs KAM & sales people need to acquire to proceed and drive sales.
Module One: Objectives Setting SMARTER objectives for accounts aligned with business objectives. Module Two: Securing a meeting Communication tools (Telephone, Email, Social Media, Live, Mail notes) using the 3Ps technique. Module Three: Effective opening & Questioning & listening Engaging customers, Art of questioning & Active listening behaviors Module Four: Action Planning Implement Next Steps, Key performance Indicators (KPIs) and communication plan Module Five: Account and Customer Needs When & how to use Hierarchy of needs Module Six: Define & Delivering the Value Proposition Identifying the shared Agenda &Module Seven: Handling Objections & Concerns Objection handling model Module Eight: Closing the meeting Ending Meeting with an agreement & commitment Module Nine: Monitoring & Evaluation What you end up with, KPIs, ROI
Many salespeople are so busy trying to ‘sell’ their products and services that they miss entirely what the buyer really needs to improve their businesses. Most B2B & B2C sales are based on old paradigms that simply don’t exist in today’s buyer-savvy world. Our “Advanced Selling Skills” workshop re-addresses those old mind-sets and introduces the salesperson to the ‘solution-based’ processes of the new millennium.
  • Learn about the buyer’s mindset in your industry.
  • Learn how to gain confidence in setting appointments.
  • Learn specific communication skills that differentiate top performers from average ones.
  • Learn listening skills that will open up a whole new world.
  • Learn why and when buyers actually make decisions to buy.
  • Learn what goes on the minds of today’s buyers.
  • Learn the beliefs, skills and behaviors that create a top performer.
  • Learn how to stop objections before they occur.
  • Learn how to present solutions specific to each buyer.
  • Learn how to gain commitment with elegance and ease.
  • Learn what to do with buyers who don’t buy from you.
  • Learn what your buyer wants you to do after the sale.
Creativity is a trait not often associated with sales professionals. Instead, the sales profession is commonly associated with routine activities such as cold calling and hitting increasingly challenging quarterly quotas. The most effective sales professionals avoid routinizing their approach to sales. They leverage their creativity to gain a leg up on competitors. The payoffs can be enormous. Our methodology in this course is delivering skills by letting participants experience every module through reality role plays & coaching.
Module one: Create an Innovative Presentation How to create a unique presentation & delivery. Module Two: Set Up Innovative Meetings Setting up a memorable meeting is a great way to make sure they won’t forget your encounter. Module Three: Adopt New Communication Tools What innovative tools in calls, emails and social media platforms Module Four: Think Out of the Box Imbuing creativity into the sales processes, sales pitches, customize offering & Handling objections. Module Five: Don’t Abandon the Basics Keep the cycle : Plan, Execute & Evaluate