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Agonist Consult is a fast-growing consulting, event management & digital transformation company providing innovative solutions for various providers sectors as Banks, Telecoms, Pharmaceuticals, and NPO & NGOs. Specialized in experimental trainings such as (Sales, Customer Service, and Event Management & Innovation).

Agonist consult team toured the world to bring our partners an exceptional unique methodologies & solutions that meets their business needs. To succeed in covering our customers’ needs with more customized solutions, Agonist Consult created many partnerships with professional & other international companies locally & internationally the thing that allowed Agonist consult to bring all what is new globally to our customers. Agonist consult from day one of establishment acquired talented team members all their passion is to provide latest innovative technological solutions for our customers such as (web services, digital pre assessment forms and surveys, digital in house training with interactive solutions and post training/coaching digital solutions, setting up smart rooms & blended type conferences).

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Agonist uses audio-visual training aides, educational films, computers and electronic projection devices as tools to convey information and explain scientific and behavioral concepts. Agonist is committed to submit a comprehensive report to the party requesting training & Consultation services on the progress of courses and programs, including advantages to be consolidated and disadvantages to be avoided in the for the coming programs.


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