Agonist Consult Values


In Agonist Consult we are committed to provide our clients & Partners with all the innovative solutions that meets their business needs and allows them to grow and overcome all the current and future bottlenecks.


one of our core values is to be agile accordance to our customer needs to provide them with their targeted solutions, However, Agonist Consult is not flexible in delivering other than the top notch professional solutions and outcomes that meets & exceeds all our clients & partners expectations.


Applying transparency in all our projects & events is another important competency in Agonist Consult, involving customers in all decisions and clarity of all KPIs and outcomes is the secret sauce of our conspicuous success.

Trusted Partner

In Agonist Consult we adopt the collaborative mindset, therefore we believe in working together with our clients & partners as part of their teams to ensure the success of all their events & projects. “Your success is our success & we all grow together”

Our Customers Feedback

I was introduced to the Agonist Team during our yearly company event, and to be honest they have over exceeded our expectations in terms of fun, support, professionalism and friendliness. We were a group of over 120 people from different countries and ethnicities but they were still able to make us all laugh, have fun and engage in very interactive team building activities. I highly recommend the Agonist Team as they will not only put a smile on your face but will build memories that last a lifetime

Dalia Al Gammal
Amazon Marketing Specialist

Our Solutions

Agonist Team toured the world to bring our partners an exceptional unique methodologies of capacity building & skills development


Agonist Consult since 2017 is incorporated in building the entrepreneurial mindset entrepreneurial ecosystem in MENA region and through partnering with various sectors


In Agonist Consult we are committed to reenergize your teams & let them have fun with innovative teambuilding activities aligned with your business needs & business objects.


Agonist consult from day one of establishment acquired talented team members all their passion is to provide latest innovative technological solutions for our customers



Digital Transformation portfolio & services

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we are here to help to grow your business and all our services are designed to match your goal and your needs.

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we are here to help to grow your business and all our services are designed to match your goal and your needs.

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